DJ Hero Forum up and running moderators needed!

We have got our forums up and running! Hurray!

Currently we are sharing the forums with our sister site Guitar Hero Repair, but there is plenty of room for all the DJ chat you could wish for. We want to hear you opinions, tips and tricks, problems, solutions, hell we may even listen if you tell us what you had for dinner but what we need most of all are some super clued up moderators who want to come and help egt the forums going, answering peoples questions and generally being DJ knights in shining armour for the masses!

Anyone who want to come and join and see what is going on is welcome, head over to the DJ Hero Forum and get involved, if you want to be a mod with all the kudos that brings then post a  few interesting things and we will consider you, any help in maintaining these forums will be paid back to those who give it the most!

DJHeroRepair now sponsoring club nights in the UK

DJHeroRepair is proud to team up with Inferno Events to sponsor some of their dance events in the UK, these guys have been putting on some amazing nights for quite a few years now and we are proud to be associated with them!

You can catch up with the Inferno team though their MySpace page or join the Inferno Facebook Group to keep up with all the event these guys are putting on, if you are in the South West of the UK, and love your beats get in touch with them now!

You can check out what the guys sound like too, watch this studio video and let the beats roll!

For DJ Hero 2 Activision are trying to sign Qbert

For anyone that has been paying attention to what Activision did with the Guitar Hero franchise, it will come as no surprise to hear that even before DJ Hero was released the company behind it were already looking further down to the road at DJ Hero 2 and to that end trying to secure legendary scratch artist DJ Qbert.

DJ Qbert is a multiple DMC world DJ champion and a childhood friend and colleague of Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys fame, they have been revolutionary in the world of DJ’ing and scratching and to sign Qbert to the DJ Hero franchise would be a big draw for DJ Hero 2.

Activision are now said to be working with at least one UK developer on DJ Hero 2 which is rumoured to be coming out sometime in 2010, and if the Guitar Hero series is anything to go by it will not be long until we see more in the pipeline. The message boards around the internet have given this news a mixed reaction, on the one hand people would like to see  development continue on DJ Hero 1 with more DLC, but on the other hand now you have brought your DJ Hero turntable would you not like to see more games for you to play on it?

One thing we would like to see most in DJ Hero 2 is the ability to play live drums over the DJ tracks, what you would you like to see most in the new game?

DJ Turntable buttons pressing during rewind?

Well thanks to all of our members over in our forums it seems that there are a few teething problems with DJ Hero turntable controllers. The most reported and most annoying (in our humble opinion) is during a rewind or fast scratch the buttons on the turntable seem to press themselves causing your streak to be destroyed!

There has been a lot of discussion about this on the Internet and even some people suggesting fixes involving jamming this here or that there to stop the problem. Taking a slightly more scientific approach we think we may be close to finding out once and for all what causes this problem but we need more help from you – gamers of the world – to find out if we are right.

What we need is as many people as possible to head over to the forum thread “buttons press themselves when I spin the turntable”, have a look what it says and post your own results. Once we have gathered a bit more information we may feel confident enough to post the definitive reason for what is causing this problem and what users can do about it.

Together we can sort this so come and join us!