Scratch: The Ultimate DJ – any rival for DJ Hero?

Its looks like DJ Hero may already have a rival on its hands! This video is a short promo for the new game Scratch:The Ultimate DJ, you will have to watch it and see what you make of it all but our first two thoughts were – cool looking response to the scratching but lame graphics, although any gamer can forgive spectrum graphics if the gameplay is right.


High score video on Expert – kids got skills!

Why do we play computer games, is it to stimulate us? Maybe. Is it for fun? Hopefully! Is it a lot about bragging rights with your mates – definitely! Some of the top scorers on Xbox love are now starting to post videos of these amazing mixes, showing their hands in a little video insert so you can all appreciate how good they are, now bow down before your masters!

First Gameplay Video

I’m sure if you have not already got it you are dying to know what the game is all about, how you play it etc, well fret no more the guys over at have posted the first gameplay video on Youtube, showing all stages of difficulty and a few of the very cool tracks this game has to offer, if you’re not nodding your head and tapping your foot by the end of this video maybe this game is not for you!