DJ Hero Custom Vinyl Skins – Design Your Own!

One criticism of the DJ Hero turntable controllers is how boring they look. The plain silver and plain black may look a bit like a set of real decks but every DJ worth their salt is a creative type who loves to experiment – no DJ’s decks we have ever seen have been short of the odd sticker or two!

When it comes to dressing your decks up a bit you have got to have a look at, they are the market leaders in custom vinyl skins and can create any design your mind can imagine! This is how it works:

Step 1

Head over to UniqueSkins and select the device you want to create a skin for (oh yes! not just DJ Hero skins but Guitar Hero, iphones, games consoles, Blackberrys, laptops – they could probably even do one for your dog if you send them the sizes!)

Custom DJ Skin Step 1

Step 2

Using the simple online software to can combine any number of images, text, photos and designs both from their extensive library and even images you have on your own computer by simply uploading them.

DJ Skin Step 2

Step 3

Play about with your design until you are happy with it then click add to cart, fill in your details, pay the nice people, then wait a couple of days and blam! Awesome looking vinyl skin!

Custom DJ Skin Step 3

If you have tried a vinyl skin before but not been too happy with the results then you need to check out what these guys are doing now. They use the latest tech with the best materials to provide you with a skin that should last forever on your decks (or anything else for that matter), application is simple and bubbles under the skin are a thing of the past thanks to some very clever vinyl from 3M which includes small air channels to make sure even the smallest bubbles are driven out when putting the skin on. For $15 you will not find a better Christmas present for someone or better still just for yourself!

You should also have a look at our post on our original DJ Hero vinyl mod, while it looked like a dogs dinner the idea of putting something under the vinyl before applying it does work well, just position something (like another piece of vinyl) directly above and below the center point of the crossfader and you will then be able to feel where the crossfader is without having to look at it. This is invaluable for novice players and helps them really get into the game as well as making you decks more like the real deal!

Send in some pictures of your customised decks and we will feature them here – if we get a lot of entries we might even decide to offer a prize for the best ones!



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