DJ Hero Forum up and running moderators needed!

We have got our forums up and running! Hurray!

Currently we are sharing the forums with our sister site Guitar Hero Repair, but there is plenty of room for all the DJ chat you could wish for. We want to hear you opinions, tips and tricks, problems, solutions, hell we may even listen if you tell us what you had for dinner but what we need most of all are some super clued up moderators who want to come and help egt the forums going, answering peoples questions and generally being DJ knights in shining armour for the masses!

Anyone who want to come and join and see what is going on is welcome, head over to the DJ Hero Forum and get involved, if you want to be a mod with all the kudos that brings then post a  few interesting things and we will consider you, any help in maintaining these forums will be paid back to those who give it the most!



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