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As we mentioned in the forums, one of the first things we thought when we played DJ Hero was that firstly there are no physical markings on the crossfader so you can tell where on the crossfader you are without looking. We figured we would either scratch the plastic casing to provide a center line that our fingers could find, like Guitar Hero does with the yellow fret button, where it is slightly raised in the middle.

The other thing we thought could be improved was the surface of the turntable, it seemed very slippy and we thought this made scratching harder than it needed to be (yeah I know if we were better Djs we wouldn’t need any of this but we are uncoordinated idiots who can barely press coloured button in the right order so every little helps eh!)

With this in mind we have performed our first test modification on the turntable, adding a black (boring colour but will do for the prototype!) vinyl coating to the surface of the turntable and also creating a surround for the crossfader which includes the raised bit at the center point.

We have done this mod as a bit of a trial run, we wanted to see what people thought of the playability of the game with these changes.

First Impressions

Lets look at the crossfader area first, the vinyl covering does not interfere with your ability to play the game and with the addition of the raised sections it does make it easier to find the middle point if you loose it, this is most useful when your euphoria is coming to an end and you need to be ready to start crossfading for yourself once more. Rather than having to take your eyes off the screen to confirm that you are in the middle of the crossfader you can now feel both the ‘click’ of the crossfader as it returns to its center point but also you can use your fingers to find out where that center point is before you move the fader back.

We have found this to be really useful and people playing the game for the first time appreciate it the most, experienced players will probably not benefit too much from this, but its addition will not make the game any harder either.

The turntable covering was designed to give more grip on the surface of the deck while playing, this is supposed to help while scratching and when using rewind, and for the most part it does very well! It feel great having a more tactile surface to rest your hand on while mixing and it does stop the turntable ‘getting away’ from you at the end of a long section of scratches. the only slight worry is how sweaty your hands will have the vinyl surface if you are playing it for hours on end. We have not found it a  problem but we are testing in the middle of a British winter, someone in Australia in the summer may have a different opinion!


We like this first attempt at this mod and will be keeping it on for the time being. It deserves a long term test to find out what type of coating would be best, how sweaty the turntable gets, if the vinyl starts to peel and gets annoying, all these things need to be investigated. In short though, this does improve the easy of playing DJ Hero for novices, experts will as always find their own way around any problems – that is what makes them experts!

Oh the other thing is – how cool would this look with some custom graphics on the vinyl? You could have anything!

We welcome your comments, what do you think about this mod should we carry on with it or is it a terrible idea that needs to be binned and forgotten about? What graphics would you choose to go on your decks? Send us your pictures and we will display the best, we may even have one made up for the winner if it is good enough! Do you have any ideas for other mods you would like us to test?


We have now found a company doing these custom vinyl skins, where you can design literally anything you want, that we are happy to recommend have a look at our article on how to create your own custom DJ Hero Vinyl Skins



7 Comments on "DJ Hero Turntable Mod -Vinyl cover"

  1. User on Thu, 19th Nov 2009 8:49 am 

    I like the added tactile feel. I glued sandpaper in the buttons. The trouble my gf was having scratching with the blue button has gone away.

  2. SteveAdmin on Thu, 19th Nov 2009 2:58 pm 


    Good idea, a lot of people have trouble scratching on the blue button when they are new to the game, I might give that a go!

  3. Simon on Fri, 20th Nov 2009 4:14 am 

    hmmmmm…. Cut out a real vinyl album and stick it there? Can’t go wrong with authenticity.

  4. DJ Hero Custom Vinyl Skins - Design Your Own! | DJ Hero Repair on Mon, 7th Dec 2009 11:49 pm 

    […] should also have a look at our post on our original DJ Hero vinyl mod, while it looked like a dogs dinner the idea of putting something under the vinyl before applying […]

  5. Chad on Sun, 10th Jan 2010 11:55 pm 

    I am trying to figure out a way to make 1 DJ hero turntable work with Xbox360 and the PS3. Just make it to where I can hit a switch to make it talk to the other console. I believe there should be some kind of board that handles the connectivity in the mixer. Have you guys taken a look at this.

  6. SteveAdmin on Mon, 11th Jan 2010 5:54 pm 

    Chad I like your thinking but if anyone could make that it would become the holy grail of gaming, Activision would only be making one set of instruments for all their games instead of an xbox and PS3 version so if anyone will crack it we expect it will be the developers and not us 🙁

    Nice thought though!

  7. T-Rippy on Tue, 26th Oct 2010 5:48 pm 

    slick ideas! i thought it would be cool to take a couple real vinyls and size it to the dj hero turntable to get a more realistic feeling, and as a reply to someone else’s comment, if your having trouble scratching, try holding the side of the platter with your thumb and raise your hand and sqeeze to get a better grip on scratching. If anyone has any cool ideas for the buttons to make it not so slipper, feel free to contact me!

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