The Decks

When DJ Hero launches it will come in two flavours; Normal and Renegade Edition, both shown here.

Renegade Edition

This is the premium set including CD’s from Eminem, and Jay Z, a hard flight case which doubles as a performance stand and a ‘premium’ metal finish and controls, and is a lot more bling!

Renegade Edition

Renegade Edition

Normal Edition

This is the one we imagine most people will get, and is the standard turntable, not to worry though it still comes with loads of cool bundled stuff like a … cardboard box and a .. uh.. instruction booklet..? Oh well as long as we can play thats all that really matters!

DJ Hero

DJ Hero

So which one did you go for?



2 Comments on "The Decks"

  1. karlosfandango on Wed, 4th Nov 2009 11:19 pm 

    holy shamole! Both sets of decks look out of this world, i mean totally lush. i know sweet FA about mixing but i’m now psyched to get some and give it a go. really looking forward to seeing the game now. sweet. hope this site keeps getting better. nice one

  2. Donny on Mon, 30th Nov 2009 2:26 am 

    Well I just got the Renegade Edition since it came with a case, nice finished deck, and a stand as well. The Eminem/Jay-Z CD was just a little token. I am not really a fan of either of them but oh well. If it’s my understanding the Renegade Edition is going by what the box says Limited Edition.. Yes that is right, they only made a bundle of these and are keeping there word by making it Limited Edition. So, for the people that like to DeeJay, or love DJ Hero in general I would return your regular one in ‘IF’ you find the renegade.

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